• ExperienceThere are a lot of competitors in this space and they all claim to do these same kinds of services. When examined more closely however, it is evident that it is not an apples-to-apples comparison. Clear Skies’ methodology provides for much more extensive manual exploitation leveraging the skills and experience of its elite consulting staff. This provides our customers in-depth analysis of the findings to provide a comprehensive view of the risks associated with the vulnerabilities.
  • QualityClear Skies’ experience in this field is very evident by the quality of the deliverables provided. Other security companies tend to deliver simple vulnerability assessments as it allows them to use consultants with little experience. Some companies even subcontract their penetration services to resources in less expensive off-shore labor markets.
  • Trusted AdvisorClear Skies has the mentality that if it can’t be done right then we don’t want to do it at all. This vigilant focus on quality of the deliverables and the unbiased recommendations, as their Trusted Advisor, to truly help protect our customers sets us apart from the competition.


State-of-the-art technology requires state-of-the-art protection. Clear Skies’ assessment methodology is built on years of proven experience, which leverages industry best practices and incorporates extensive technical testing for the highest level of vulnerability identification. The end result will provide specialized analysis of the findings to give a comprehensive view of the business risks. The benefits of utilizing Clear Skies’ assessment services include:

  • Comprehensive testing by elite security professionals
  • Rapid identification of issues
  • Extensive risk analysis
  • Detailed recommendations for corrective actions
  • Demonstration of business risk
  • Raising employee security awareness
  • Meet regulatory compliance guidelines
  • Helps protect your brand reputation