Clear Skies was founded by a team of elite security professionals, each bringing 10+ years of experience in the security industry, all with a specialty in security assessments. These original founders, all long time veterans of Internet Security Systems (ISS), have proven success in building a thriving consulting practice from the ground up. Additionally, all of the highly skilled resources are available throughout the lifecycle of the project and will be available to clients through both the sales and delivery processes.

Brad Mackenzie

Formerly the Global Manager for Penetration Testing at ISS, Brad is now responsible for setting the long-term strategy of the company and managing the daily financial requirements in order to maintain long-term growth objectives. Brad formally entered the security space in 1993 with the Information Security Research Center at the Queensland University of Technology and worked on the Australian Army Command and Control System.

Rick Belisle

Formerly the Americas Delivery Manager at ISS, Rick is now responsible for day-to-day operations of the business from pre-sales support, managing project engagements, forecasting sales and delivery figures, and completing monthly billing. Rick has been involved in information security since 1994 when he was a Military Intelligence Officer in the Army’s first ever counter cyber-warfare unit and subsequently security practice manager at Sprint Paranet.

Scott Miles

Principal Consultant and R&D Manager
Formerly a Principal Consultant at ISS, Scott is responsible for conducting customer engagements and driving new testing methodologies through advanced research and evangelizing new security issues for the benefit of our customers through the company’s website. Scott contributed to the creation of ISS Internet Scanner in the early 1990s and has experience in software engineering and security management at IBM Global Services and VerticalOne Corporation.

Greag Johnson

Principal Consultant and IT Manager
Formerly a Principal Consultant at ISS, Greag is responsible for conducting customer engagements and architecting the IT infrastructure necessary for business operations. Greag morphed a career in IT engineering and management in the mid 90s to focus on security technologies and services at INS / Predictive Systems.

Cory Eubanks

Principal Consultant
Formerly a Principle Consultant at ISS, Cory is responsible for conducting customer engagements, specializing in both Penetration Testing and Application Assessments. Cory started information security early on as a Cryptographic Analyst at the NSA. More recently, Cory has also held the PCI QSA and PA-DSS certifications, which can add valuable insight to our regulatory compliance assessment customers.