The Clear Skies Secure Code Training is specialized training in best practices for writing in the specific language that is being used by the company’s developers. This training provides deep education on creating secure code, best practices, and the intimate relationship between insecure code and exploitable attack vectors. This training begins with examples of insecure code with analysis of how it is leveraged into attack vectors. Then these examples are revised using best practices to improve security and eliminate avenues for exploit.

SPECIAL NOTE: This training is not pre-packaged, instructor lead training or even computer based training. Rather our training is custom developed specific to each project by analyzing the results of a prior application assessment. These results are then utilized in the training class to show the developers the specific vulnerabilities in the code and how to re-write the code in a more secure fashion.


Most developer’s knowledge is based on writing code that is well documented, easily re-usable, and efficient. Rarely do developers receive any formalized training on how to write secure code. The increase in application issues across all organizations and the success of the recent automated SQL Injection attacks is evidence of this.

Service Summary

  • Customized training specific to your business needs
  • Relevant training examples utilizing existing code from the customer environment to provide immediate, real world value
  • An opportunity to correct the identified vulnerabilities within the application while working with the security consultant
  • Training delivered by the same security consultants who conduct application assessments to ensure knowledge is current

The end goal of the assessment is to not only find potential vulnerabilities, but also to provide an analysis of the application’s overall security risk. If any security concerns are identified, a detailed step-by-step narrative explaining what the issues are and how they might be exploited is provided. 

Additional Information

Clear Skies works hard to fulfill our promises and commitments in helping our customers be as strategic as possible in managing their information security objectives. Our consultants have years of experience with security testing throughout multiple industries, and this knowledge base is one of the key differentiators for Clear Skies. At Clear Skies we take pride in our quality deliverables and our client satisfaction, and ultimately we want to ensure our Intelligence Secures your Intelligence.