The IT security assessment market is not unique, and there are several competing organizations in this market. Clear Skies hopes to become a true Trusted Security Advisor for our customers, offering security advice and recommendations as a true outsider – no product sales, no managed security services sales, and nothing but honest recommendations that will help secure the customer’s business. To do this Clear Skies constantly focuses on bleeding edge technologies through vigilant research. Most services organization wait until the market is over flowing with opportunities before they invest in training their resources on new techniques. Utilizing an individual R&D approach Clear Skies will be in a prime position to offer assessment offerings on the latest technologies. This approach allows the team to be very nimble in responding to unique customer environments as well.


To become a recognized industry leader in security assessment services by continually developing new techniques for testing cutting edge technologies while focusing on customer service and acting as a trusted security advisor for all customers.


To work with clients on a continual basis to ensure ongoing security and compliance within their organizations, and help drive security through all aspects of the business. And be recognized as a trusted name in the security industry for technical knowledge, integrity, and ethics.


To provide a fun, yet challenging work environment where quality is the core of all that we do.


Similar to Google’s development mantra, Clear Skies will require that all consultants spend 20% of their time conducting vulnerability research. The purpose of this is not to be a true R&D organization, but rather to provide constant continuing education as well as sharing relative security updates with our customers. The goal will be to allow the team to research new technologies during their R&D time and not while at a customer location. This research will be freely shared with the public to showcase the talent and skills of the team and raise awareness in the community overall. This is a clear differentiator for Clear Skies. Almost all security companies that claim huge research capabilities have a dedicated R&D team that analyzes specific target software so that checks can be pushed into the company’s products. The consulting team is inevitably insulated from this research as the good consultants are continually out billing. Having consultants with the skills to discover vulnerabilities differentiates the consultant’s skills and expands the consultant’s knowledge and hands-on skills. This provides personal benefits for the consultant and huge benefits for our clients.